Rimu Grove Winery, Nelson, New Zealand

Cellar Door


Summer:  Open from 11am – 5pm Daily

Winter: Open when somebody is here*

*Over the winter we are pruning out in the vineyard most weekdays so there is a good chance somebody will be around between 11am and 4:30pm (just press the button on the door to summon us out of the vineyard). However, if it’s raining we won’t be out pruning and if it’s a particularly nice afternoon we may have knocked off early and gone to the pub.  So if you’re coming in from out of town and really keen on a tasting (or even if you’re local and just want to stop in to restock your wine cellar) we suggest that you ring us ahead of time and make an appointment so that somebody is sure to be around when you drop by.

The Rimu Grove Cellar door is located in an old pickers Bach* set at the top of our vineyard with a stunning view down over the Waimea inlet and out to sea.  If you roll up to the Cellar Door and nobody is around, don’t worry, just press the button at the door and one of us will soon materialize out of the vineyard to help you out.

Since we are such a tiny operation, you’ll either be served by one of us who make the wines or, if we’re too busy out in the vineyard or down in the winery, then you’ll be taken care by one of our awesome and knowledgeable cellar door staff. And even if you’re already familiar with our wines, do still drop in and pay us a visit and pick up one of our Back Vintages only available through the Cellar Door.

* Bach – /ˈbætʃ/.  A bach is a small, very modest holiday home or beach house. Baches are an iconic part of New Zealand history and culture. “Bach” was originally short for bachelor pad, but actually they often tended to be family holiday homes. As Wikipedia puts it “essentially a bach is something you built yourself, on land you don’t own, out of materials you borrowed or stole.”

Rimu Grove Winery