Rimu Grove Winery, Nelson, New Zealand

Mamma Montijo Sangiovese

Winemaker’s NotesTheMammaMonijoFrontLabel

Harvest date: 1st May 2012
Sugars at harvest: 22.5 Brix
Bottling date: 25th March 2013
Cases produced: 48

Alcohol: 12.5%
pH: 3.6
T/A: 6.0


Rimu Grove owner and winemaker Patrick Stowe was raised in the Napa Valley, California, the home of big hearty red wines.  This Sangiovese is dedicated to his mother, Helen Montijo Stowe, who in her 90’s is still putting ice cubes in her red wine despite her son’s indignant protests.  A warm-hearted and welcoming wine, this is the perfect house red.  A wine for those huge family lunches that last all afternoon and end in mountains of dishes and all present experiencing a persistent unwillingness to stand up from the table and do anything other than take a nap.  This wine is dedicated to the mothers of large lazy families everywhere.

This Single Release wine was handcrafted by the crew at Rimu Grove Winery.  Limited to a ridiculously low number of bottles, this wine reflects the spirit of innovation, creativity and general eccentricity of the folks who make our wines.

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