Rimu Grove Winery, Nelson, New Zealand


We are very fond of our winery.  It may look like a glorified garage, but to us its home and we love it.  It’s small, it’s cosy, it’s got all our favourite toys inside and it’s equipped with a monster subwoofer which has enough kick that we’ve actually tried to use it to stir the wine in the barrels; we’re happy.

Our approach is a combination of absurdly labour intensive, hands-on wine making with a “non-interference” ethic.  This may sound oxymoronic, but it does actually make sense.  With an operation as small ours, we can implement painstaking quality control at Harvest, resulting in absolutely clean fruit. Then, with our tiny, half-ton microvin fermenters and constant vigilance we are able to step back and let the wine evolve on its own, without our interference.  “Non-interference winemaking” is not a euphemism for being lax, it’s an ethos and an aesthetic, a tightrope balancing act which when executed correctly allows the wine to develop the unique identity that we constantly strive for.

With a philosophy of traditional winemaking, an understanding of the molecular science behind wine, a hands-on approach and good old nerves-of-steel tempered over years of winemaking experience, owner and winemaker Patrick Stowe is the man at the helm and the captain of our little crew of piratical winemakers.

Rimu Grove Winery

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