Rimu Grove Winery, Nelson, New Zealand

The Morning After Pinot Rosé

Winemaker’s NotesTheMorningAfter

Harvest date: 20th March 2014
Sugars at harvest: 22.7 Brix
Bottling date: 12 October 2014
Cases produced: 97

Alcohol: 12%
Residual Sugar: 13 g/l
T/A: 7.27

Here at Rimu Grove we commenced our 2014 vintage by harvesting Pinot Noir for our Rosé. With the grapes picked and de-stemmed, we proceeded to the next stage of winemaking - crushing the grapes by foot while hanging out around the winery listening to music and chatting with our new seasonal crew. After being crushed, the grapes were left to soak amongst themselves all night. Not surprisingly they were looking a little sheepish when we arrived at work the next morning ready to throw them in the press. Perfect for breakfast in bed with strawberries and cream, this wine is silky-smooth and sleepy-eyed, with a sweet and suggestive little smile under those long bashful lashes.

This Single Release wine was handcrafted by the crew at Rimu Grove Winery. Limited to a ridiculously low number of bottles, this wine reflects the spirit of innovation, creativity and general eccentricity of the folks who make our wines

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